Okay…what is this, and why am I here?

You’re probably wondering what this particular bunch of crazy is. Well, once upon a time, four authors got together on Facebook and commented on a really bad photo. So bad, it was fabulous. And for some insane purpose, we came up with a whole persona for this guy:

Image from Fotolia. Obviously.

Image from Fotolia. Obviously.


So, this is the White Weasel, part of a crime-fighting band of glittery strippers known as the Glitterati. (Stay with me here, it’s all tongue-in-cheek). They’re mild-mannered by day, fighting crime by night with nothing but an appletini and a fabulous sense of style. You know what, I’ll let Tara Wood take this with her amazing blurb. She’s got it down.

‘Brick Masterson leads a complicated and exciting life. Mild mannered, but stylish DCI by day, at night he transforms into “The White Weasel”, a sexy and delicious crimefighter. With nothing between him and danger but scraps of white spandex and a glittery ferret tail, Brick relies on his hips and instincts to keep London safe. A posse of sequined superheroes and Charlie the unicorn at his side, they take to the stage at night, igniting the hearts of men and women everywhere beneath the flashing lights of the club. Because if you want to keep them safe, you have to keep them close. So, grab your appletini and fluff your hair, boys and girls, The White Weasel and the Glitterati will be dancing your way soon.’

So keep watching our blog for the most insane, fabulous, laughing-so-hard-you-may-run-out-of-oxygen posts about ‘The Glitterati’. And remember, ladies and gentlemen…may the weasel go with you.


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