The Culprits

If you’re looking to point fingers, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s who you have to blame for the hot mess of this blog.

551226Elle J. Rossi – This is all her fault. She started it, and therefore she should take full responsibility. If you want to check out her actual, real-life writing, go here.





Miranda StorkMiranda Stork – Equally as reprehensible in the aforementioned hot mess. Her good works (and they are FABULOUS) can be found here.





Tara Wood Author Photo

Tara S. Wood – This woman has no shame. None. She’ll write just about anything. Even strippers and weasels. And she makes it all amazing. If you want more of her writing, check her out here.






242Tyffani Clark Kemp – What can we say? She’s smart, witty, and fabulous and keeps the hilarity rolling. She spins a great tale. See here for yourself.





JennHowellJ.A. Howell – Knows how to make an entrance and leave a lasting impression. We blame her for any and all pink hightop wearing scenarios up in here. Of course you’ll want to see more of her fantastic writing skills, so go here.


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